Witnessing The Fleetwood Mac Songbook live in action is like capturing a little sprinkling of stardust: if you close your eyes, (Lisa) Oliver could easily be Nicks. It’s also difficult to decipher whether it’s actually Lindsey Buckingham on stage or Nick Filby, and Claire ‘Christine McVie’ Fox - Thomas has a vocal powerful enough to raise goosebumps.
Their venues are often small and intimate, in a way that’s decidedly more enjoyable in a lot of ways than seeing the real thing. Oliver recognises this, claiming it to be a big reason why more and more people are opting for tributes over their source acts: “Once venues were allowed to re-open [after the Covid-19 pandemic] and audiences felt safe enough to venture out again, it was understandable to want to play it ‘safe’ and offer people what they were already familiar with. Tributes filled that remit perfectly.” 
For Oliver ... not much compares to the feeling of when someone comes up to you after your performance and tells you how much it means to them. “The best feeling is knowing that we’ve given people a really great evening of entertainment. To me, that’s ‘job done’.”